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The Zipp 858 NSW Clincher Wheel is the latest step in speed.  The wheel takes advantage of Zipp’s Hyperfoil technology to create a wheel that’s deep in a headwind, but much shallower in a crosswind.  And thanks to the increasing popularity of disc brakes, it is offered in two distinct versions, the rim brake model and the disc brake model.  This is a wheel for riding the flats, mastering time trials, and killing the bike leg in multi-sport events.  Zipp triathletes say it’s versatile enough to be your single race wheelset.

You’ll notice the waves in the rim shape.  Those are Hyperfoil nodes.  The rear wheels have 24 nodes, while the front rim brake has 18 and the front disc brake 24.  The nodes are clocked with the spokes to make them work better.  The nodes are inspired by the way whales move through water, and achieve something Zipp likes to call AeroBalance.  That’s their way of saying that the wheel is fast but stable.  They’ve found that the wheel is as stable in crosswinds as their 404, but faster than their 808.  Cool trick.  The deepest parts of the rim are 82mm like the 808, but are combined with sections as shallow as 77mm.  When you add on the Sawtooth dimple pattern and HexFin dimples, it’s faster still.

The Carbon Clincher Rim Brake version has Zipp’s ShowStopper brake treatment, which improves both wet and dry braking, particulary the dry.  It has 18 front spokes, 24 rear.  The set weighs 1750g, 808g for the front, 942g for the rear.  The rim width goes up to 24.4mm on the outside in front 23.7mm max width rear, and has a 17mm internal width. 

The Carbon Clincher Disc Brake version is a bit different owing to the needs of rotor disc brakes.  The front and rear rims are identical.  They’re 24-spokes, front and rear, with the same 24-spoke 23.7mm wide, 17mm internal width rim.  The HexFin dimple pattern is extended to the end of the rim to further aerodynamics because you don’t need a brake track.

Zipp loves Sapim CX-Ray spokes.  They’re light, fast, strong.  The rim brake version uses straight-pull spokes while the disc brake version uses J-bend.  The different forces on the wheel dist

Both wheel sets feature Zipp’s Cognition hubs.  The rim brake version utilizes a flangeless front hub and a minimal, flanged rear hub that features two-cross spoking on both sides.  A similar-looking scalloped, flanged design is employed both front and rear on the disc brake version.  It is a bit different, as Zipp found that J-bend spokes are better for disc wheels, and, as such, the flanges are designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength.  The disc brake version hubs are designed for Centerlock splined rotors only.  The disc brake hubs come with quick release skewers and hand-removable end caps that can convert the wheel from quick-release to 100x12mm, 100x15mm thru axles in front, and 142x12mm thru-axles in the rear.    

As should be expected, you can choose between a Campagnolo-compatible 9/10/11-speed cassette body, and a Shimano/SRAM body. You can also pull these bodies and install a SRAM XD cassette body for even more diversity of applications. The cool thing about the rear hub design is the low drag pawl design.  Zipp calls it Axial Clutch, which reduces pawl drag by 50% when coasting, and with a 36-tooth engagement, you’re driving the wheel the moment you start pedaling. Sapim

Each wheel comes with a Zipp Tangente titanium skewer in Black, a Zipp valve extender by Silca, Zipp individual wheel bag, Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Evo brake pads, Zipp, Tangente Tube that fits 700cx20-28mm tires, and Zipp rim tape.

The Zipp 858 Wheelset makes it easy to ride deep-dish wheels in all conditions.

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