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When you’re time trialing or racing on the flats, 82mm deep rims provide most of the aero benefits of disc wheels, while being lighter, more comfortable, better on rough roads, and more stable in crosswinds. Zipp’s 808 NSW Tubeless Carbon Clincher is all those things and more.

They wanted to build tubeless and optimize the rim shape for 25mm tires—this way, you get low rolling resistance and a modicum of comfort, no matter how stiff your bike is. TT bikes are notoriously stiff and the wider tire allows for lower pressure to take much of the edge off road vibrations. So, to get to that shape, the started with a 19mm inner rim width and tubeless channel. The external measure at  the brake track is 26.4mm, with the rim moving out to 28mm a bit farther down, and, of course the 82mm rim depth.

Because riding encompasses more than just headwinds, they designed the rim shape to be stable in crosswinds and help that cause along with their ABLC SawTooth dimple pattern. It improves aerodynamics in “no wind” (aka headwind) situations, but it’s greatest strength is reducing loads created by crosswinds. You’ll have few concerns piloting these wheels on gusty days, even if you’re small and riding aero bars. Overall, the wheel is faster than older 808s in all wind conditions.

The brake track is Zipp’s ShowStopper textured braking surface. This is the 317 curved, vertical grooves on each side of the brake track that help move water off the surface and reduce stopping distances. In the wet or dry, this surface brakes as well as the best aluminum rims on the market.

Zipp’s Cognition hubs are deployed for the central movement. It utilizes a flangeless, radial front hub and a minimal, flanged rear hub that features two-cross spoking on both sides. The flanges are designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength. The rear hub utilizes Zipp’s Axial Clutch pawl mechanism, which reduces drag when coasting. The mechanism is on three cassette body choices: a SRAM 10/11-speed cassette body, a Campagnolo-compatible 10/11-speed body, and or a SRAM XDR driver body for wider-ranging cassette options, including 1x 10-42 cassettes. Spokes are the light and aero and strong Sapim CX-Ray.

Weight is 1855g for the set, 857g front, 988g rear.

The Zipp 808 NSW Tubeless Carbon Clincher wheels come with: Zipp Tangente Pro Evo brake pads, Zipp Tangente quick releases, Zipp wheel bags, Zipp tubeless tape and valve factory-installed, valve core removal tool, Cognition Oil for rear hub, and cassette body spacer.

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